Public Adjusting

Man looking at damage to a home's siding as a part of public adjusting services in Florida

Receive the Compensation You Deserve. HCH is Always in Your Corner

Unfortunately, insurance companies only have one person in mind when processing your claims: themselves! As a result, policyholders often receive a fraction of the compensation they deserve when contending with fire, water, storm, or other damages. And if you don’t receive enough compensation from your insurance company to cover the damages, you’re stuck footing the bill yourself. Thankfully, after damage to your home, you don’t have to rely only on the claims adjusters your insurance company sends out. Alternatively, you can receive an unbiased second assessment of the damages from our public adjusters. If in need of public adjusting services, contact our claims experts today.

Why Do You Need a Public Adjuster?

Your home’s interior and exterior can become damaged due to hail, fire, severe winds, flooding, and other disasters. In such cases, having homeowner’s insurance means costs for damages should be covered. However, the property damage might be more extensive than you initially thought. Or, the compensation you are paid is significantly less than what you need. This is when hiring a public adjuster is to your benefit.

Public adjusters and attorneys are the only property loss professionals who can legally represent you as a policyholder. We are your advocates and allies when you face your insurance carrier. HCH’s public adjusters know how to read and interpret your policy language, fulfill duties after a loss, and negotiate for every penny you are rightfully owed. We are passionate about what we do, and we won’t let your insurance company push you into accepting less than what you need to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

HCH public adjusters can help with claims in many scenarios, including when:

  • Your claim is denied, delayed, or underpaid.
  • You are preparing a claim expected to be high-value or complex.
  • You are given a claim estimate vastly under the contractor’s estimate for your damages.
  • The assessment completed by your insurance adjuster was less than adequate.

What Can You Expect from HCH?

HCH understands how complex residential and commercial claims can become, especially in Florida. That is why our dedicated public adjusters have gone through countless hours of training and certification, giving us the experience to manage your claims efficiently. Therefore, from HCH’s team, you can expect:

  • Direct communication between you and our team, regarding your claim.
  • An in-depth analysis of your policy and claim to determine the best strategy for achieving maximum compensation.
  • A complete inspection of the damages to your home and an accurate assessment of damages cost.
  • Filing a claim on your behalf, including completing paperwork, tracking claim progress, meeting deadlines, etc.
  • Negotiation experts fighting on your side for maximum settlement benefits.

The HCH Promise

When you work with HCH, we represent YOU, not your insurance company. To this end, if your claims are delayed, denied, or underpaid, you can count on HCH to have your back. Our public adjusters ensure you receive the maximum settlement afforded to you under your insurance policy coverage. And if HCH cannot help you settle your claim, we won’t charge you for our service. That’s right: no recovery, no fee! Additionally, HCH helps clients get started with our FREE claim services:

  • FREE Policy Review – HCH reviews your insurance policy to help explain what coverage you have and what exclusions or limitations may apply when filing your claim.
  • FREE Virtual Property Inspection – We will inspect your property virtually using photos/videos and document the extent of damage.
  • FREE Claim Evaluation – In an initial evaluation of your claim, we discuss what can be done, how maximum compensation can be achieved, and the next steps.
A woman inspecting a model home with a magnifying glass, representative of Public Adjusting in Florida

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When you can’t rely on your insurance company to provide the compensation they promised, hold them accountable with help from our public adjusters. In addition to our public adjusting, we offer appraisal, mediation, and expert witness services. Contact us at 727-657-6193 or for your free policy review, virtual property inspection, or claim evaluation.