Expert Witness

An emblem for expert witnesses, one of the services HCH offers clients taking their insurance claims to court

Find an Expert Witness in Florida for Your Claims Case

Ideally, the work performed by your public adjuster or appraisal expert is meant to help you receive a maximum settlement and prevent your case from ending up in court. However, if an agreement can’t be reached between the insurer and those being insured, your claim can go to litigation. While this can make it a touch harder to receive the compensation you deserve, Homeowner Claims Help can still assist. With testimony from an HCH expert witness, your claims case is on the way to a positive resolution.

The Importance of Expert Witness Testimony

Not every claim case will require testimony from an expert witness. However, such testimony can prove beneficial when reasoning with a judge over why your insurance company should cover the loss and/or pay more. And as ruthless as an insurance company can be in court, you need all the support you can get. With an expert witness on your side, you improve your case by:

  • Supplying an in-depth analysis of your case and claims valuation
  • More accurately assessing various types of damages
  • Providing greater credibility to your claims
  • More easily swaying a jury on the merits of your claim
  • Critiquing and rebutting testimony of the opposing counsel’s experts

Expertise You Can Trust

HCH’s expert witness is precisely that: an expert. Our knowledge of Florida laws and statutes helps us assess a wide range of damage claims. The experience of our expert witnesses also ensures they can explain, educate, and expound on complex claims principles and estimates that give further credit to the legitimacy of your case. While you don’t necessarily need expert witness testimony to win your case, having it goes a long way towards securing a desired outcome.

A woman swearing to uphold her oath in court, an HCH Expert Witness in Florida

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If your claims dispute has progressed to litigation, build the strongest case possible with the help of Homeowner Claims Help’s expert witness services in Florida. Or, find the public adjuster, appraisal, or mediation support you need by calling HCH today! Contact us at 727-657-6193 to request a free policy review, virtual property inspection, or claim evaluation. Or, reach us via email: