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Insurance Mediation

Case Studies & Reviews
Case Studies & Reviews

The homeowner filed an insurance claim due to water damageat their residence. During the claim process, the insurance carrier engaged a restoration companty to dry out the property and prevent further damage. Unfortunately, an employee of the restoration cormpany’s negligence led to additional harm by breaking a pipe beneath the sink, causing further damage. Theinsurance carrier initially refused to accept responsibility for this incident. Faced with no other recourse, the policyholders sought assistance from HCH and pursued a liability insurance claim against the contractor,resulting in a settlement of $35,000 in addition to the funds provided by their H03 policy. As a result of thesse actions, the house has been fully restored and is now in a habitable condition.

Natural Disaster Damage

Case Studies & Reviews

Cape Coral in the aftermath of Hurricane lan, where a single-family household endured significant damage. Following the initial assessment by the insurance carrier, it was determined that the claim fell below the deductible threshold. In their time of need, a young couple with two children sought a complimentary claim evaluation and subsequently engaged Homeowner Claims Help to reopen and reevaluate their claim. As a result of their efforts, the final payment, even after factoring in the high hurricane deductible, amounted to $83,250.00.

Roof Replacement

Case Studies & Reviews

Following Hurricane Irma, a single-family home experienced a roof leak. The homeowners filed an insurance claim for the damage, but the insurance company’s initial decision was to provide only $6,870 in compensation, a sum insufficient to address even a single meter of the property’s extensive damage. Determined to obtain fair restitution, the homeowners enlisted the services of HCH and pursued an appraisal process. As a result, they successfully secured a settlement of $78,870, which not only covered the complete replacement of the roof but also addressed all interior damages sustained.


Flooded Kitchen

Case Studies & Reviews

"When my water pipe broke, my whole kitchen was flooded. Jay helped me with the entire process and managed to have my kitchen fixed."

Jarah - New Port Richey

Shingle Replacement

Case Studies & Reviews

"We had a roof leak and a roofer came in to check it. He told me that the roof was damaged by hail. He referred Jay as a PA. Now I have a new roof. Thank you Jay!"

Tom - Palm Harbor