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Roof Leaks

Damages from Roof Leaks

Many Florida properties suffer from a some kind of a leakage from the roof that can cause many damages. It can also sometimes be challenging to fix roof damages. And you may not know what caused this leakage, it has just become a burden on you. Never take this responsibility upon yourself. As a public adjuster, I can be the bridge between you and your insurance company. You may be contemplating all the time, money, and energy you will have to spend on repairs. Don’t! I am with you every step of the way, assisting you to get the maximum claim for your damages.

Roof leak damages can be very dangerous because you can have roofs collapsing, potentially injuring someone within your property. Few damages that you can experience from a leaky roof are:

  • Damage to either the attic or interior of the property

  • The growth of mold and mildew

  • Electrical wiring within the property. It can touch a current and catch fire

  • Slipping and falling

  • Utility bills become higher due to the insulation becoming saturated

Case Study

A single-family home had a roof leak after the Irma hurricane. They filed a claim through their insurance, but the insurance company decided to only pay the client $6,870. It did not even cover a meter of the home. So, they hired a public adjuster in Florida and took the claim to appraisal and received $78,870.  This was enough to cover the full roof replacement and all the interior damages. Contact us we can help you too!

How can you prevent the damages

  • Check for the most common place to find a roof leak. Leaks would most likely be found in common spaces such as your roof, it may have missing shingles. If you have a chimney, it can be found there too. Plumbing vents and skylights are also common places to find leaks.

  • Sometimes leaks can happen in the shower. Covering the shower leak with plastic sheeting can temporary fix the leak.

  • If you find a leak and temporarily want to fix it, you can. You must climb to the roof with handyman tools such as a hammer, nails, flashlights and tar.

  • To repair leaks in shingle roofing, you can remove the damages shingles and replace the damaged shingles with new ones.

Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Damages?

The majority of roof leaks should be covered by your home insurance policy. However, it also depends the severity of the leaks. As you may already know, insurance companies only compensate you if the damages are resulting from sudden or accidental incidents and in some instances the damages are excluded from your homeowners insurance.

In a sense, some insurance companies will give you coverage especially if you have the dwelling coverage in your insurance policy. Dwelling coverage includes your homes structure such as the roof from certain damages. It can also include wind, fire, or even hail damage.

Insurance companies can also consider of the age of your roof during the time of the damage. Typically, if your roof is under 10 years old, you make be able to get reimbursed for it. But if its over 10 years old, they will tell you that you will be responsible for taking care of the repairs yourself.

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