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Public Adjuster

Pipe Leaks

Causes for Plumbing Leaks

Water damage from plumbing leaks barely makes any buzz, but the damages can and often are significant. We always have been involved in claims over the years where the entire inside of properties and houses had sustained damaged due to any kind water leakages, many of which are instant, with others that may occur over time due to the property owner is not being at the property at these times.

Sustaining leaks of any kind can leave you really baffled. Then you wonder to yourself, how did it happen? There are so many factors when always trying to figure this out why a leak may have happened. Most of the factors include following reasons:

  • Pipes that are rusty.

  • Water pressure that is uneven.

  • Changes in temperature can cause cracks in your pipes.

  • Roots of trees can break the pipes. Movement over time: The natural movement over a time frame of the property, which makes pipes move too.

What You Get Out of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Hiring public adjuster help you through this current hassle in your life will be well worth it in the end. Did you know that you will get more compensation with a public adjuster mediating between you and the insurance companies, then you would get simply by speaking with the insurance company yourself? Why? Because we know how to maneuver insurance companies and we know what they will say next. They know most policyholders do not know anything about their claim and policy, so they can say whatever and you will most likely believe it. Do not fall for this. We have a combined experience of many years and have successfully recovered claims of plumbing leaks that have led to property damage. Get in touch with us now.


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